exterior painting service rohos group

Painting New Surfaces

We pride ourselves on the steps we take to ensure the quality of work is up to our client’s standards.

We use a superior-quality paint, take the time to pressure wash all surfaces to remove dust and excess paint, and treat mildew if needed. We provide an excellent finishing touch so that your new construction shines.

interior painting service rohos group

Repaint Services

If you are looking to remodel, Roho’s Group will care for your home or business as if it were your own.

We take care of your painting needs of exterior and interior surfaces with professionalism. We always ensure your items are protected from the start, repair all imperfections before applying fresh paint, and discuss and review your color choices for the best results.

commercial painting service rohos group

Commercial Painting

When it comes to painting a commercial building, it can be a massive project, as you can imagine. Our team here at Roho’s Group has a large amount of experience with painting the interior and exterior of commercial buildings.

We pride ourselves on serving the local business to help them maintain their buildings in the best shape. We take the preparations before painting very seriously. We power clean exterior walls to remove loose paint, dust, or mildew, fix minor imperfections on interior walls, protect all areas and items not being painted from damage or splatter, prime walls as needed, and provide high-quality and professional work.

If you are looking to update the appearance of your business, please contact us so that we can make your building look as good as new.